Two Cousin's Pizza

Prepared With Our Own Fresh Pizza Dough And Fresh Baked Bread

437 E Main St

Mountville, PA

You can find quality food from our kitchen, along with amazing prices. On Sundays, you can purchase a large cheese pizza for just $8.79! These prices will have you coming back time and time again!

Take a night off

Too tired or busy to cook dinner tonight? Well, you deserve a night off kitchen duties!  


Grab your family and come on down to our restaurant to have a hearty meal. Our pizzas are perfect to split between your parties.

• Gourmet pizzas

• Neapolitan pizzas

• Thick crust pizzas

Mouthwatering pizzas

Inside the restaurant Italian cuisine Delicious pizza

Make your own favorite pizza by adding our fresh ingredients to your order today!


Tired of pizzas? We also have delicious Stromboli and calzones to fill your stomach!

Three different pizzas Pepperoni pizza

Feed your family affordably

Two Cousin's Pizza specializes in making unique pizzas that give you tons of choices whenever you order from us. Our pizzas are available in 3 sizes — 12, 14 and 16 inches to share!

Types of pizzas we offer you